Rothirsch Tech. GmbH

A Tyrolean IT company with a penchant for modern and open technologies.

We see ourselves as sustainable problem solvers. Our aim is to change our immediate environment with innovations from information technology.

For this purpose we always align ourselves with the three pillars of our company:Security,Development andAdministration.

Our area of responsibility is to solve IT challenges with open, secure and sustainable approaches.

A standing and a lying red deer in the fog. Underneath the lettering Loved/Hunted

The red deer

The red deer is our trademark. As a much-hunted creature it is, like us as an IT company, in the constant focus of attackers. We want to protect its living space not only with long-lasting concepts, but also with the use of alternative energies. Our goal will be achieved when we design your project as magnificently as the red deer itself is.

We are pleased to meet you.