2. Pillar

Software is the link that we need for our daily work on the computer - it is the operating system that drives our computers or smartphones, the calendar app that helps us manage our days, or the monitoring software that monitors our networks. It is one thing to learn how to use certain software. Sometimes, however, you may have to implement your own individual solution - for example, an app that helps you with your work or that improves an existing application in your company. We would be happy to advise you on the implementation of your own software solution.

A note on which ones and zeros are written. there is a stopwatch in the top left corner. The symbol is meant represent the third pillar of Rothirsch Tech. - Development

Our offer - We equip you with the right software

Due to the extensive compatibility and high availability, are web applications and smartphone apps the ones that have won our hearts. We would be happy to advise you on this topic. We are looking for existing software that might suit you. Only when we see no other way, we develop software tailored to you. Together with our partner we support you in setting up a web shop. Set up a forum, chat with your customers and automatically answer questions about your product or service. The possibilities are endless.