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Rothirsch Technologies

The Art of IT-Networking

We dream about a globally connected world where everyone is sharing their work and ideas for free. A world where technological progress has a higher role for mankind then economic growth and where any world citizen has the same technological opportunities.

Mankind is nearer to this dream as you might have noticed. The Internet, new computer technologies like single board computers, 3D printing or other machines you can build by yourself are opening new doors for anyone on this planet.

Combined with free and OpenSource applications the amount of possible projects does nearly explode.

Computers - progress without limitations

Today we live in a world where computers have established in all aspects of our lives.

In the next few years robots will do more and more of our jobs.

Is this a good or a bad thing? We believe it's good, but we also believe that all of us need to understand computers more and we have to accomplish easier ways to set up complex solutions in our workplaces.


... will solve your problem

So why should you work with us? Because we are the ones who always seek new ways and love our work with computers.

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Why do we choose free software, because we like it's freedom

Freedom of adding features or updating any content to an existing project and use them for our own needs.

!What is FLOSS

Any of you know commercial software like Microsofts Windows or Office. A software company like Microsoft writes programs which costs money and they need to bring out updates on there software so their business is able to grow. This sounds normal in most ears but the truth is that most of it's functions will always be the same. Most updates like the OS update Windows 7 to Windows 10 brings a new "modern" look and some additional functions or updates for new standards. The user always pays the whole operating system any 3 years.

Do unterstand the crux behind this business model you have to compare a software company with a normal company like a carpenter or any kind of a mechanic. If a carpenter creates tables, he has always to start from the beginning. He has to buy wood, craft it and build the table from scratch. Every time. He has no backups and he cannot buy a single table twice.

Opposing a software company writes a single program and sells it to millions of users. These are just copies of the program. It's like a carpenter only has to do a copy and paste on his tables and sell it. Furthermore the software company just modifies the program every year. The modifications are 20% of their first work but the update costs the same at any time. It's like a carpenter has to build one table and modifies it every year a little bit, does a copy&paste and sells it a million of times.

Sounds strange but this abstract line of thinking is necessary to unterstand the whole FLOSS community.

What is FLOSS

And there comes FLOSS into place. FLOSS stands for Free/Libre OpenSource Software. You can also earn money for such a software but the software is free available for anyone. Free not as in Free Beer free as in Freedom. Anyone can copy the software and is able to read and modify the source code. A single company can use the program and add some company related functions to it. Anyone on the planet can use the software i.e. a person in India has the same ability to create and start projects as someone in Europe or America.


For us FLOSS Software is the best option for small and medium sized businesses.

A startup or any other company with a small budget gets the opportunity to work with software and create projects like big companies.

With the right attitude, the possibilities will be unlimited.


More about FLOSS:


Developer boards

ARM based single board computers are made for developers and IT freaks who not only want to have a complete consumer product but to be among the first ones in a community to try to build operating systems from scratch on open platform devices.

So if you are interested join communities be patient and learn new things.

Official Reseller

We decided to resell some ARM based SBCs in Europe so that anyone can test these boards.

For further information please do not hesitate to visit our product site.

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Micro Server Farms

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Affordable server systems for SMBs.

A new era

In the last 5 years we did experiment with server systems on single board computers (SBCs). We'd setup networks with distributed servers and they run smoothly until now.

The main interest in this project was to build low budget systems that are:

  • affordable
  • scalable
  • secure
  • failure-resistant

The project was successful.


The combination of Single Board Computers and FLOSS allows us to setup server farms for a few hundreds of euro


A company can install servers on its needs. Doesn't matter it wants a single service or multiple ones.


Linux systems are build to be secure. There are many services like VPN with Strongswan you can use to encrypt data transported over any network.


If you setup multiple services for your network running all on a single server, any of them will stop if the main server goes down.

With micro server farms you can setup one server for one service and you can even split it over multiple subnets. If one server goes down only the service that runs on it goes down.

So with the right backup strategy your will be able to exchange a server in a few minutes.

Which services could you use

The possibilities are endless. You can setup a VPN Gateway so you or one of your employees can work from home or have access to your company over a smart phone.

But we also installed the ERP Software Odoo on a SBC. So it's possible to run all your company specific data like invoicing, crm, mailing, and so on from one single server.

Kill the cloud

So we believe that this micro services will end the cloud. SMBs can save data where they belong. In their companies.


If you are interested in this topic please do not hesitate to ask or visit the product site

wms|Blog der freie Blog

Um den Fortschritt im deutschsprachigen Linux Bereich voranzutreiben, haben wir es uns zum Ziel gesetzt, unsere Arbeiten, mit den auf Linux basierenden Server-Anwendungen, ins Internet zu stellen.

Der Blog behandelt die, Installation und Konfiguration dieser Dienste, sowie einen kleinen Ausflug in die Welt der Netzwerktechnik.

Die Plattform wird ständig weiterentwickelt ist aber noch im Aufbau.

Vielleicht, können Sie aber schon die ein oder andere Hilfe darin finden: #wms|Blog

Freier Blog

Der Blog soll nicht nur frei zur Verfügung stehen, sondern wird auch nur mit freien Mitteln geschrieben und verwaltet. Dafür werden Skripts entwickelt, die vom vim Editor aus gestartet werden.

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